Plastic Injection Moulding
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Injection moulding and cast making takes up a large part of most manufacturing processes, but it is one that takes place behind the scenes, generally unseen and removed from the finished product. There are a number versatile and viable materials that can be used when making these casts, however, depending on what they are being used for, how often they will be used after their initial creation, and what they need to be able to withstand, deciding on the right material for your cast is an important decision to make.

Metals & Alloys

Viable alloys for cast making include bronze, aluminium, lead and iron (to name a few), and can generally be made from certain heat resistant moulds. This type of casting needs high temperatures such as those found in foundry settings, and the process requires a certain amount of experience to do safely and accurately.


Plastics used in mould creation include synthetic and epoxy resins, or thermal plastics which melt when they are heated, and can thusly be formed into the shape of a mould or cast. The process of their creation can be a little dangerous, however, since in their liquid or soft state, these plastics are generally highly toxic (so they should not come into contact with skin), and also give off toxic fumes. This means that care should be taken to use the right respirator when making them, or better yet, should be done with the assistance of an experienced and professional moulding company.

Urethane Rubber

This material is most commonly used to create moulds with a certain level of flexibility, and come in two parts; namely the base material and the catalyst material. They are generally more robust than latex moulds and can also be quite a bit more cost effective.

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