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Cast Polyurethane

Cast polyurethane is an extremely versatile elastomer used in thousands of applications worldwide in a multitude of sectors. Cast urethane products deliver many advantages over other elastomers, plastics and in some cases even steel. Due to the various grades and chemical composites available cast urethane products can feel soft and pliable like silicone, or rock hard, like tug boat bumper pads


Typical cast urethane properties including

  • Mechanical strength
  • Chemical and alkaline resistance
  • Tough, durable and resistant to cracking and tearing
  • Versatile colours and formulations to suit client specific applications

Industry Specific

Cast polyurethane products are the preferred materials in the following industries

Gas & petrochemical

Seals, pipe flange spacers & gearbox shock dampers


Above and below ground operations – pipe flange spacers and protective covers

Mineral & ore processing plants

Guides , seals , vibration absorbing pads, plungers

Mining, construction & consumer product material handeling

Conveyor belts , rollers, conveyor scrapers, bumper pads, forklift & storage racking protection

Liquid & Beverage

Packaging seals, rollers & line components

Other sectors

Cast urethane products are even used to manufacture movie props, special effects and last but not least dog chew toys


Cast polyurethane can be used as an alternative to 3D printed parts in a low volume or prototyping application
Many 3D printed parts lack mechanical strength, due to the layered bead construction deposit and limited building materials available. Cast polyurethane impression moulding can sometimes provide a moulded part that has all the characteristics of polyurethane in a simple, relatively low cost, gravity mould.


Vector Engineering has the capabilities to manufacture moulds from liquid polymers for relatively low cost low spec prototyping, to high precision aluminium gravity fed moulds.


We process your digital solid models, 2 D drawings or reverse engineer customer parts and provide detailed drawings for approval and manufacture


Cast polyurethane can be used as an alternative to 3D printed parts in a low volume or prototyping application