CNC machining offers a tested and effective means of producing tools and parts that need to be characterised by accuracy, intricacy and effectiveness. Engineering tools and parts are highly specialised, and as such need to be manufactured exactly to OEM specifications if they are to be used in your facility, and CNC machining offers the ideal cost-effective route to doing so.

What is CNC Machining?

CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) Machining allows you to transform digital blueprints and designs into finished products. The process has been around for years, once using manually punched cards that were fed into computers to give CNC machines instructions on what to produce, and how to do it.

Things are a little easier now thanks to advancements in digital technology, allowing them to be operated as seamlessly as a 3D printer. Of course where 3D printers use an additive approach to manufacturing (where the material is applied), CNC machining uses a subtractive approach, whereby a solid hunk of the chosen material is intricately whittled down into the part represented in the design.

What Materials Can Be Used?

CNC machines make use of a number of materials depending on the needs of the final product. Most typically, they use ferrous and non-ferrous metals as well as polymer billets to get the job done. This makes them applicable to a range of tool and component types. They can even be used to refurbish wear parts.

What Type of Capacities do they Offer?

Since CNC machines make use of digital designs, they are able to produce goods in varying capacities depending on your needs. They can, for instance, only produce a single item when it is needed, or can produce thousands of them per month.

Contact Vector Engineering for Details

CNC machining is not just beneficial for some industries, but actually form a crucial part of their continued operation. If you would like to know more about the CNC machining services offered by our team here at Vector Engineering, be sure to contact us today, or visit our website for additional details on our offers.

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