Specialised machinery, whether using it in the mining, engineering or electrical industries, forms the backbone of most processes. Unfortunately for business owners, the components that keep these machines operational tend to have a limited lifespan, and the more extensively they are used, the quicker they become worn and ineffective.

It’s a natural part of the industry, unavoidable, but how you choose to react to the need for replacements can make all the difference. Should you pay a fortune for OEM replacement parts, or should you try and have them reverse engineered?

Cost Effectiveness

Specialised OEM parts are generally quite a bit more expensive than sourcing them from generic manufacturers of engineering parts and components in Johannesburg, particularly if you find the ideal supplier. Being able to mass produce them through injection moulds or even being able to give you a once-off part can make all the difference to the overall cost of replacements and maintenance.

Lossless Quality

Now I know what you’re thinking, if it isn’t designed and manufactured by the original provider, the parts are likely going to be of substandard quality. This is a fallacy, all you need is the right manufacturer that can work with the original specs of the part and has the ability to provide the same quality as OEM manufacturers.

A Steady Supply when You Need It

Being able to have your spare parts reverse engineered, and getting them at less of a cost, means you will have the ability to keep them on-hand and in steady supply. The benefits of this are numerous, but in particular, it allows you to minimize downtime due to faulty machines that require you to wait on replacement parts.

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